CAIA GSA group President, Rebekah Miller, in collaboration with Yin Yun (FST), Andrew Ray (Dept. Information Technology, Radford University) and Susan Duncan (FST/VAES Associate Direct/CAIA Director), developed lecture material that focuses on introducing cyberbiosecurity as a discipline, technology and automation in the food industry, data collection and storage, and risk assessment of cyber concerns. 

Earlier this year, Miller was awarded a CAIA-CCI Mini-grant for Experiential Learning to help advance the educational efforts in cyberbiosecurity and data anyaltics with relevance to the agriculture and food system.

As an outcome from this award, the course Module, 'Securing the Food Industry: An Introduction to Cyberbiosecurity for Food Science' is now an open educational resource through VTechworks:
Instructors reviewing, adopting, or adapting the module should indicate their interest at: