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Glenda Gillaspy

Professor and Department Head

The focus of my research is on the molecular pathways that plants use to respond to the environment, an area important for developing strategies to increase crop yield in stressful or nutrient-poor soil conditions. 

My lab focuses on how plants utilize signaling molecules, known as inositol pyrophosphates, to sense and respond to their environment. We are able to delineate the roles of these signaling molecules by studying Arabidopsis thaliana mutants and overexpressors for enzymes in the inositol phosphate synthetic pathway. Our transgenics also reveal interesting impacts of the inositol phosphates on various stress responses as well as plant physiology.

CAIA Platform(s):

  • SmartFarm Innovation Network™:
    • SmartTechnologies for Crop and the Green Industries
    • Controlled Environment Agriculture Innovation Center (CEA-IC)
  • Data Analytics, Decisions and Machine Learning for Food, Agriculture, Communities and Health Sciences