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Sabrina Amorim

CAIA GSA Secretary

CAIA Graduate Student Affiliate Leadership Role: 


Degree Level:


Anticipated Graduation Date:

May 2026

What does being a member of the CAIA community mean to you?

As a member of CAIA, I can see an opportunity to help both academics and industry to establish a closer relationship with science and technology applied to agriculture and food systems. I also see an opportunity for me and my colleagues to learn and grow new skills together, so we would benefit personally, and professionally. Virginia Tech is a multicultural workplace, which I believe will be is a stimulating environment to learn from other cultures and have different insights into agriculture or technology solutions based on people's backgrounds. Communication and how to translate scientific knowledge into easy-to-follow information are the key factors to achieving the goals of a growing population. In this sense, my goal as a student and a professional is to learn as much as I can from people and to make our scientific knowledge more accessible to anyone. I believe that being part of CAIA will allow me to become a leader in precision agriculture, and not only help farmers in the US but also inspire young leaders in other countries.

What are you seeking from the transdisciplinary opportunities that CAIA offers?

I seek to learn new insights into a problem that I can not solve by only looking from one side. In this sense, I want to create a new network with the professors and students involved in this group. Additionally, I want to become a student leader that will bring undergraduate and graduate students to the group.

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