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CAIA will serve as a catalyst for innovation and security for agriculture and life sciences technologies, focusing in the development and growth phases of discovery and applications, and will facilitate transition of research platforms into University Centers.


Position CALS and Virginia Tech for competitive global research advantage in agricultural innovations, growth and applications including:

  • Informed decisions through agricultural technologies
  • Cyberbiosecurity and biosecurity
  • Precision agriculture
  • Human capacity and infrastructure technologies for agriculture
  • Rural broadband capacity

Serve as an incubator for designing and evaluating technologies to assist with the viability and security of agriculture in the Commonwealth and beyond.

Targeted impacts

  • Create the framework for the Virginia Agricultural Technology Corridor within the heart of Virginia’s cyber-region
  • Evaluating environmental impact
  • Advancing genome design
  • Designing and evaluating technologies
  • Creating efficiencies and improving safety in human capacity
  • Improving traceability

Intellectual Property - What is it?

Intellectual Property-Value in Your Academic Career. A CALS Faculty Development Seminar 

Description: Ideas and ingenuity are key to 
successful research. Protecting those ideas and translating them into 
‘Property’ that has legal protection and ownership is a valuable contribution 
within your academic role. In this session, you will more about how IP fits 
into your promotion dossier, the support for getting the IP protection and 
resources for creating the preliminary data, and hear from faculty who have 
been successful in patent and start-up companies.

CALS/VAES with the Virginia Tech LiCENSE [part of LINK LICENSE LAUNCH] webinar recording:  Sept. 9, 2020

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We aim to create an agile and responsive interdisciplinary network of College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty and other Virginia Tech and affiliated faculty partners for facilitating innovative technology advancements and security in order to:

  • Address current and future practical challenges for agricultural producers, agribusinesses and communities throughout the food system
  • Create effective and trusted partnerships across the campus to levearge the broader Virginia Tech capacity for innovation in agriculture.