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Cyberbiosecurity and biosecurity

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The Center for Advanced Innovation in Agriculture (CAIA) contributes to our national food and agriculture security and Virginia Tech prominence in cyberbiosecurity. 

Cyberbiosecurity is an emerging discipline addressing the educational and workforce gap between cybersecurity, cyberphysical systems and biosecurity. 

Cyberbiosecurity focuses on identifying and reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities at the interface of life sciences, information sciences, and biosecurity.

 focuses on identifying the risks and addressing protective measures needed to protect humans and animals against disease or invasive or harmful biological agents.

Platform overview

AFfiliate faculty within the cyberbiosecurity + biosecurity platform

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CAIA faculty are engaged in Virginia Commonwealth Cyber Initiative, which further enriches our capacity for addressing security challenges in the agriculture and food system.

The CAIA research platform on Cyberbiosecurity and Biosecurity in Agriculture and Life Sciences is featuring four seed projects funded by the CCI Southwest Virginia Cyberbiosecurity Grants Program. 

meet the platform leader

tiffany drape

Tiffany is an assistant professor in agricultural leadership and community education. She is a social scientist who investigates how people learn, change behavior, and adopt technologies. She also conducts program evaluation in agriculture and the life sciences. 

Teaching people and understanding why they do what they do is important to cybersecurity and biosecurity. Addressing issues around cyber and biosecurity through education, training, and workforce development in agriculture are vital to keeping the food supply productive and efficient.


CAIA Stories of impact

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