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Students flying drones at VT Drone Park


Rise to land-grant university preeminence for graduate interdisciplinary research training for agricultural and food systems at the nexus of life science, digital and physical sciences.

Be a premier workforce cross-training resource for agriculture and life sciences technology applications and development.

Targeted impacts

  • Recognized as a premier university for educating students in agricultural innovation and technology
  • Students showcase talents in integrated data analytics and technology skills applicable across the agriculture and food system
  • Graduates are highly recruited for academic, corporate, and public service positions
  • Alumni rise to national prominence in leadership and academic and corporate research and management
  • Recognized as a pipeline for Virginia’s agriculture and food systems technology workforce, assisting through practical training in relevant topic areas and technical skills.




The CAIA Graduate Student Affiliates are looking to grow! This is a newly formed group looking to operate within CAIA while interacting with students across different departments and research focuses. If you are a graduate student with research or learning interests that fall within CAIA's focus and want to become involved with the Graduate Student Affiliates, sign up below.

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