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Jordan Allen

CAIA GSA Treasurer

CAIA Graduate Student Affiliate Leadership Role: 


Degree Level:


Anticipated Graduation Date:

May 2023

What does being a member of the CAIA community mean to you?

Being a member of CAIA means being able to connect with a community of like-minded individuals looking to enhance our agricultural processes in unique ways. It also means fostering ideas that can benefit something way bigger than ourselves. I think CAIA could bring real change to our world as a whole because agriculture is a language that we all speak around the world.

What are you seeking from the transdisciplinary opportunities that CAIA offers?

I am seeking to learn more about the potential technology and opportunities that can be used to advance our agricultural systems. I think this is necessary in order to maintain or grow our food supply as the population continues to grow. I would love to learn more about the research being conducted and new innovations being discovered in the research and development section of CAIA.

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