Talking to stakeholders is important for delivering on CAIA’s mission of leveraging science and technology to create transformative solutions to supply agriculture, food systems, environment and communities. Creating visibility of CAIA and CALS innovations in research and formal and nonformal education and Extension was the goal of our participation in the 2021 Virginia Ag Expo. CAIA and CALS had a huge presence at the Ag Expo, showcasing a variety of research and Extension projects and networking with alumni and agriculture producers, agribusinesses and technology companies. CAIA faculty presented information about our research platforms and related projects, had field demonstrations, and demonstrated technologies that are used in our research efforts. Our tent was visited by U.S. Representative Robert J. Wittman, First District, Virginia and Virginia’s Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Heidi Hertz. Both Representative Wittman and Assistant Secretary Hertz are VT alumni.