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Agricultural Technology and Big Data: Perceptions from Stakeholders

Co-PIs Joseph Oakes, Superintendent of Eastern Virginia AREC (Warsaw, VA), and Trent Jones, Virginia Cooperative Extension agent (Northumberland County), using autonomous systems (aerial drone) for assessing wheat maturity and disease status. Technology innovation and application in agriculture creates potential for evaluating crops more efficiently to enhance decision making and economic benefits.

Eastern Virginia AREC research

Project Overview

This project focuses on the perception of stakeholders to the rapid advancement of data and technology that is revolutionizing the food and agricultural system. The team used a survey method to understand the relationship agricultural producers have with big data and cyberbiosecurity and how they understand it, manage it, and the value (perceived; financial) it has for them and their organizations. 


Key Finding:

Producers from soy, corn, and small grains have heard of big data and some information relative to their operations. They know that big data will become a more prominent topic and anticipate more education/training and research from universities. They are open to all three as well. All producers who reported use some kind of security to protect their data. 

Key Outcome(s) and/or Product(s):

Products or outputs produced have included a grant submission with CCI for experiential learning in undergraduate students related to data science and data security for food and agriculture. Results from the survey were also shared with IT-ISAC Food and Agriculture SIG

Next Steps:

We anticipate expanding our efforts in education and training around issues of cyberbiosecurity, data science, and data security. We have added other fields of expertise to the team in the fields of data security. We have submitted a proposal to the CCI Experiential Learning Call for Proposals. This data will be used for subsequent grant proposals where appropriate.

This project was one of the the four seed projects funded by the CCI Southwest Virginia Cyberbiosecurity Grants Program.  Learn more about these funded projects→