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Analyzing Public Policy using Artificial Intelligence Assurance at CCI

Team photo with Feras Batarseh

Project Overview

Our work utilizes big datasets by federal agencies to analyze and evaluate public policy in economics and agricultural trade using AI methods. The applied intelligent methods require extensive assurance to provide validation of the outcomes that are data-driven, trustworthy, unbiased, and explainable to a farmer or a policy maker.

CALS Strategic Priority(ies) that best describes project goals: 

Priority 1: Advance excellence in research, teaching and extension for the commonwealth and beyond

Priority 2: Elevate the Ut Prosim (that I may serve) difference

BENEFICIARIES: the federal government, policy analysts, researchers, data scientists, AI engineers and farmers

TOOLS USED: database technologies, SQL, C#, R, Python, CCI AI Testbed, Kubernetes, and Keras

METHODS USED: Regression, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Clustering, and Causal inference

ISSUE: Building a data science infrastructure for federal government agencies to promote data openness and the democratization of policy.

WHAT WAS DONE TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE: The government, being one of the most important data owners, is riding the wave of data and business intelligence. However, federal agencies have certain requirements and bureaucracies for data-related processes, as well as certain rules and specific regulations that would entail special models for building and managing data analytical systems. Methods developed by our team address this issue.

POTENTIAL IMPACTS: AI assurance techniques, governmental data openness, data democracy, transparency and accountability measures, data-driven policy making

Image of Project Team

CAIA and CCI are collaborating on AI methods for the SmartFarms initiative. AI algorithms can aid farmers in solving challenges on their farm such as crop management, decision making, animal health, and yield maximization. Such deployments provide unparallel testbeds for AI assurance methods.

Image of project team

Project Team: 

CCI Students

Graduate Students:

  • Andrei Svetovidov
  • Nazmul Kabir Sikder
  • Pei Wang


  • Dominick Perini
  • Madison J. Williams
  • Sai Gurrapu