Randall Murch (SPES, CAIA), Tiffany Drape (ALCE, CAIA) and Feras Betarseh (Hume Center, CAIA) have recently been recruited to provide online lectures for international seminars on cyberbiosecurity. Dr. Drape will be leading one of the projects. Audiences are biocontainment laboratory staffs in Brazil, Mexico and India. Two small U.S. international engagement firms which support the U.S. Department of State’s Biological Engagement Program (BEP) are the partners for these projects. The period of performance for both sets of seminars will be July – December 2022.

Randall Murch has been recruited by the International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) to be on the international committee which is being organized to develop the Body of Knowledge for a “cyberbiosecurity certification examination”. This is a major step forward for embedding cyberbiosecurity in biocontainment laboratories across the globe.  This should also have significant implications for cyberbiosecurity for many other venues, such as the agriculture and food enterprise.

Randall Murch continues to engage the U.S. national security community to advance cyberbiosecurity in various venues.

The eBook, entitled “Mapping the Cyberbiosecurity Enterprise” which was published by Frontiers, Bioengineering and Biotechnology (Section on Biosafety and Biosecurity) in 2019 for which Virginia Tech was well represented, just passed 110,000 views (89K+ article views; 15K+ article downloads and 5K+ topic views). The readership literally wraps around the globe and has increased by nearly one thousand each week. At least two other books centered on cyberbiosecurity for different foci are in progress. Randall Murch is an editor of this ebook and several CAIA faculty contributed to manuscripts included in the ebook.

Written by Randall Murch