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SmartTechnologies for Crop and the Green Industries

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Our vision with this platform is to use autonomous systems to monitor plant nutrition, plant stress (biotic and abiotic), soils, environment, water quality, beneficial pollinators, pests, and weather conditions to increase yield, reduce environmental impact, and boost economic productivity.



We will advance excellence in research by using the latest technologies and sensors in our research; we will support producers and stakeholders with the latest technologies to increase their bottom line; and we will attract students and faculty with interest and expertise in Smart Technologies. By being a leader in this arena, we will expand relationships and trust with our stakeholders.


We have have (5) testbed facilities available for research, teaching and extension activities focused on SmartTechnologies. To find the facility that meets your needs, click on the link below to search by available equipment.

Affiliate faculty within the Virginia Tech SmartFarm Innovation Network® - Smart Technologies platform