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Our Leadership Team for 2023-2024


Masters in Life Sciences, Entomology, Hampton Roads AREC

Vice President

PhD Candidate, Agriculture, Leadership, and Community Education

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David Smilnak

Virell To


PhD Student, Food Science and Technology

Virell To

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    Frank Efe Erukainure , bio

    I am an ICTAS Doctoral Scholar and Ph.D. student in the Biological Systems Engineering program. I am currently researching on the design, micro/nanofabrication, and testing of state-of-the art biosensors for precision livestock farming. My research proposes novel biosensor technologies for the diagnosis and prevention of diseases (such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, lameness, etc.) in farm animals, as well as biosensors used in detecting harmful substances in the soil and water.

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    Rebekah Miller , bio

    Being a CAIA member provides me with multidisciplinary networking, research, learning, and professional opportunities I would not have access to otherwise. I am looking to learn and expand my knowledge and understanding in agriculture and technology and contribute to the CAIA community and future.

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    Muhit Islam Emon , bio

    The transdisciplinary opportunities at CAIA will enable me to learn more about the use of AI/ML/Data Analytics to solve emerging problems in agriculture, environmental science.

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    Unius Arinaitwe , bio

    Research, extension and technology commercialization

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    Sabrina Amorim , bio

    My goal as a student and a professional is to learn as much as I can from people and to make our scientific knowledge more accessible to anyone. I believe that being part of CAIA will allow me to become a leader in precision agriculture, and not only help farmers in the US but also inspire young leaders in other countries.

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    Patarasuda Chaisupa , bio

    Looking to develop and expand connection in research and learn from peers in CAIA community

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    Samson Adeoye , bio

    Global view of technology-driven agriculture; scientific and professional networks; collaborative learning experience; opportunity to make significant contributions to agricultural education and food systems transformation.

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    Yang Cheng , bio

    Seeking research opportunities.

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    Jitender Rathore , bio

    Precision agriculture and remote sensing. Open to discuss on: RS and agriculture, machine learning and crop diseases.

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    Shreya Mitra , bio

    I want to be part of CAIA as this community of practice tries to explore the impact of technology among the agricultural community with a motive to work for the betterment of the community in general. I am seeking collaboration in research.

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    Ryan Wright , bio

    The application of new technologies to the development of agriculture cannot be done alone, and the CAIA community is a great place to begin networking with others and collaborating on projects. I hope to work with others that can contribute their knowledge and skills to a project, as well as hope to contribute my own abilities to others in the same way. In my career, I aim to work in the livestock nutrition industry.

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    Mautushi Das , bio

    CAIA provides opportunities for transdisciplinary collaboration by bringing together experts from various fields, including computer science, agriculture, engineering, and data science. I want to join the industries that offer data driven decision making tasks.

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    Jada Nix , bio

    Using cutting edge research and technology to improve the productivity, welfare, and sustainability of animal agriculture. This will ensure a sustainable and well-producing food and material supply for future generations. Seeking to expand my knowledge to new areas that can help me with identifying novel questions and solutions in my own research.

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    Kenan Burak Aydin , bio

    Being a CAIA member provides me recognized and respected among employers, peers as a leader in alternative investing. Seeking career opportunities and educational investing.

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    Virell To , bio

    My involvement at CAIA also introduced me to many advancements in the agricultural sector. I would like to better the food system through sensory science from any geographical location and positions I will be in the future. Seeking to find new collaborators and gain research and conference experiences.

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    Shaunak Juvekar , bio

    I'm looking for part-time work opportunities to help further the research being carried out at CAIA. I want to continue being a software developer/analyst for a few years in the agriculture, healthcare, transportation or advertisement domain.

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    Bolanle Adebayo , bio

    Seeking interdisciplinary collaboration in agriculture. Aspiring development Practitioner and Professor.

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    Frank Yeboah Adusei , bio

    Seeking diverse perspectives and knowledge from various disciplines to solve complex problems related to innovation in agriculture. The aim is to bridge gaps between different fields, fostering collaboration and innovation. In the realm of agricultural extension education, my mission is to empower farmers with sustainable practices and knowledge. I strive to bridge the key gap between cutting-edge research and local farming communities. Through this connection, I aim to foster agricultural innovation, enhance productivity, and work diligently to improve food security for all.

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    Rutvij Wamanse , bio

    am seeking collaborative transdisciplinary opportunities from CAIA to broaden my understanding and application of machine learning in agriculture. I aim to engage with professionals from diverse fields, fostering a holistic approach that integrates various perspectives to address complex challenges in the agricultural sector. This collaborative environment will enable me to contribute more effectively to innovative solutions, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in advancing agriculture through technology and interdisciplinary collaboration. My career aspirations center around becoming a leading expert in the intersection of artificial intelligence and agriculture. I aim to continue applying my skills in machine learning to develop impactful solutions for the agricultural sector, with a focus on sustainability and efficiency.

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    Akashdeep Singh Brar , bio

    Transdisciplinary opportunities offered by CAIA would help to look at my research from a different perspective through the eyes of an inter-disciplinary field expert that I would get a chance to interact with. Eventually, it would help me modify my research to increase the range of community to be benefitted from it.

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    Fatemeh Esmaeilbeiki , bio

    From CAIA's trans-disciplinary opportunities, I aim to fuse machine learning techniques with agricultural innovation, leveraging diverse perspectives to create intelligent systems that optimize farming practices. I seek to collaborate across disciplines, using machine learning to enhance decision-making, crop management, and sustainability in agriculture. My career aspiration is to become a university professor. I'm passionate about sharing knowledge, guiding future minds, and conducting impactful research in a field that continually challenges and inspires me.

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    Shannon Bradley , bio

    I’m seeking the opportunity to network with other students and faculty who can teach me not only about the important work they’re doing but also provide opportunities to collaborate with different individuals with different backgrounds. I would like to continue after the completion of my masters degree to a PhD in insect pest management with a focus in precision agriculture. I would love to eventually work in extension, which is what my background is in, to bring high technology to my community.

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    David Smilnak , bio

    Seeking exposure to new prespectives and out-of-silo ideas. Aspiring for a faculty position at a land grant university.

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    Matin Ataei Kachouei , bio

    My research focuses on developing advanced biosensors and wearable platforms for on-site livestock health, agricultural monitoring, and food safety. By integrating cutting-edge technologies such as micro/nanofabrication, 3D printing, and machine learning, I bridge the gap between on-site testing and real-time data analysis.

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