Public trust in water and food supplies is contingent on protecting these increasingly digitized systems. Agricultural, water, and food systems influence >20% of the nation's economy and >15% of American jobs. With the rapid transition to sensor technology, AI, and data management platforms in water and agricultural systems, vulnerability to different kinds of cyber threats becomes a critical and a national issue. 

Attendees of the AI and Cyberbiosecurity for Water and Ag (ACWA) workshop met on September 30 to define and discuss AI and security related challenges, research issues, and industry recommendations. With speakers from industry, such as Microsoft and AlexRenew, and Academia such as from VT and ODU, attendees at the event discussed the field and engaged in breakout sessions. Through this workshop and other CAIA/CALS-led activities, VT is leading the emergence of cyberbiosecurity, a field worth paying attention to.

CAIA affiliate faculty members, Feras Batarseh, Susan Duncan, and Kang Xia were leaders of this workshop. Fellow affiliate faculty and graduate student affiliates who attended include: Eric Kaufman (CAIA Faculty Fellow), Durelle Scott, Randall Murch, and Samson Adeoye (CAIA GSA)